Join Our Weekly Egg Club

Introducing a way to subscribe to our wonderful pasture raised chicken eggs and free range duck eggs.

Join Our Weekly Egg Club
Jilly: One of our Delaware pullets from the 2022 season (hatched around May 26th 2022)

First of all, just a quick reminder that online ordering for collection at this weeks markets opens at 7pm tonight (Wednesday 24th August).

  1. Head to the Online Store at 7pm tonight
  2. Order Eggs
  3. Choose Thursday for Plymouth Farmers Market pickup (5pm - 8pm)
    or Saturday for Sutter Creek Farmers Market pickup (9am - 12pm)

We're often asked by customers if we would ever provide a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) or subscription option to buy our eggs. Now that we have a growing flock, and have built a reliable method to order and collect eggs, we are thrilled to offer a regular subscription option.

Sterling Farmstead Weekly Egg Club

Subscribe to weekly pasture raised chicken eggs and free range duck eggs.

Standard options range from $6-$16/week for one to two dozen. We can also offer a customized plan for your needs (flats of 30-eggs are also possible, as well as large-volume discounts).

Unlike a CSA, our subscriptions do not require a large up-front payment.

You can add or remove subscriptions, they can be paused and resumed for vacations, and cancelled any time. And all online!

Secure payments are handled directly by Square, the industry leading payment provider (they also power our online store and market stand card reader).

Weekly Egg Club Subscriptions available starting October 1st

Since we have limited slots available, we will be inviting people from a waitlist as availability opens up. After the farmers markets end for the season, we will be providing other options for collection, or possibly offering a delivery option.

Fill in the form below to join the Sterling Farmstead Weekly Egg Club waitlist

We will email you as soon as a slot becomes available. No obligation: if you decide not to subscribe when we reach out to you, that's not a problem. :)

Sterling Farmstead Weekly Egg Club Interest Form
As we plan out how our egg subscription will work, we wanted to see what the interest would be in pick up times, dates, and locations. Please fill out the information below and we can add you to the wait list and keep you in the loop with our plans going forward!
Click the link above to join the waitlist

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