Market Garden

We grow a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, soon available for sale at our farm-stand and local farmer's market's in Amador County, CA.

Market Garden

In 2022 we decided to start growing an organic fruit and vegetable garden. Our primary goal is to grow enough fruit and vegetables for our family and sell the rest to the local community from our property, and local farmers markets.

  • CDFA Certified Producer Certificate: 03-22-07
  • CDFA Organic Registration: 03-012437

100% Solar Powered

From seed to harvest we use the sun's energy to grow our plants. Our indoor start seeds go on shelves using LED grow lights that run from our 12KW solar and battery array until the plants are big enough, and the weather is right to plant them outside.

Using LED grow lights saves a huge amount of energy allowing us to get the very most from solar energy, they also last longer.

What we're growing in 2022

The garden is just getting off the ground. Here's a list of all the things we're going to start this year. The crop list is varied which should give us a continuous harvest throughout the season.

Type Variety
Arugula Rocket
Bean Kentucky Wonder Pole Green (Heirloom)
Bean Blue Lake Bush Green (Heirloom)
Beet Detroit Dark Red
Bok Choy
Broccoli Calarbrese
Broccoli Romanesco
Cabbage Golden Acre
Cabbage (Red) Red Acre
Carrot Red Core Chantenay (Heirloom)
Cauliflower Early Snowball Y
Celery Utah
Chard Bright Lights
Chard (Swiss) Fordhook
Cilantro Corriander
Cucumber Muncher
Cucumber (Pickling) Sumter (Heirloom)
Cucumber (Slicing) Marketmore 76 (Heirloom)
Kale Lacinto
Kale Red Russian (Heirloom)
Leek American Flag
Lettuce All Lettuce Blend
Lettuce Buttercrunch (Seed Tape)
Lettuce Gourmet Blend
Onion (Bunching) Evergreen (Heirloom)
Onion (White) Gladstone
Onion (Yellow) Sweet Spanish Yellow Utah Jumbo
Pea Burpeeama Early
Pea Super Snappy
Pea Alaska (Wilt Resistant)
Pea Early Perfection
Pepper Cayenne Ring-O-Fire (Heirloom)
Pepper Jalapeno (Heirloom)
Pepper Georgia Flame (1500SV)
Pepper Fatalli (125k-325k SV)
Pepper Cayenne
Pepper Habanero (Heirloom)
Pepper California Wonder Bell
Pepper Thai
Pepper Banana
Pepper (Sweet) Heirloom Italian Sunset Mix
Pepper (Sweet) California Wonder 300 TMR
Radish Cherry Belle (Seed Tape)
Squash Spagetti (Heirloom)
Strawberry Alpine Mignonette
Thyme Common
Thyme English
Tomato Red Cherry
Tomato Roma
Tomato San Marzano (Heirloom)
Tomato Beefsteak (Heirloom)
Watermelon Sugar Baby (Heirloom)
Zucchini Black Beauty

The season has just started, so we're currently sowing seeds, preparing the garden fences (to protect against deer), and planning out the growing season ahead.

We'll be posting updates from our garden all season so be sure to subscribe for updates.